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Our Priorites for the 2018 Legislative Session

Given that this will be a short session and the governor’s final year in office, the 2018 New Mexico legislative session probably won’t be all about passing sweeping legislation. Instead, it will lay the groundwork for the 2019 session and beyond. Health Action NM plans to advocate for ideas that will improve health and increase access to care.

Medicaid buy-in study

Sponsors: Representative Deborah Armstrong, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, and Representative Nathan Small

The Big Idea: Medicaid provides comprehensive health benefits at a lower cost than private insurance. We should allow everyone to participate in Medicaid by letting people and small businesses use their own dollars and tax credits to buy Medicaid coverage.

The Bill: SM 3 & HM 9 request the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee to explore how a “Medicaid buy-in” could expand health coverage and make health care more affordable for the people of New Mexico.

The Bottom Line: Everyone should be able to get the health care they need without breaking the bank. Let’s bring our values to life by giving the people of New Mexico a new option so that they can make the choice that works best for their family.

Health coverage stability task force

Sponsors: Representative Liz Thomson, Representative Debbie Armstrong, and Senator Bill Tallman

The Big Idea: Policy changes at the federal level may destabilize New Mexico’s health care system and disrupt access to care. The repeal of the individual mandate, re-introduction of “junk insurance,” and end of federal cost sharing subsidies could put people’s health and wallets in jeopardy. The task force will explore an exciting new idea: automatic enrollment for people who are uninsured and eligible for no-cost or low-cost health care.

The Bill: SM 7 directs the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance to set up a task force to study disruptions to New Mexico’s individual health insurance market and report recommendations to the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee.

The Bottom Line: New Mexico needs to take a proactive approach to protect people’s health care.

State agency drug purchasing council

Sponsors: Senator Jeff Steinborn and Representative Joanne Ferrary

The Big Idea: Prescription medication costs are skyrocketing, straining pocketbooks and the state budget. A recent Legislative Finance Committee analysis found that prescription medication spending in New Mexico jumped from $442 million in 2014 to $738 million in 2017, due in large part to price increases. A number of state agencies purchase medications but there is no communication with one another about purchasing decisions. By coming together, state agencies can negotiate better deals for taxpayers and begin to address the unfair pricing practices of pharmaceutical companies.

The Bill: SB 8 and HB 59 bring together state agencies that purchase prescription medications to find cost savings through smarter, better-coordinated purchasing decisions.

The Bottom Line: Prescription medication costs are rising at an unsustainable rate and New Mexico do everything in its power to get the best possible deal.

Health care cost commission

Sponsor: Representative Debbie Armstrong

The Big Idea: Health care costs are always on the rise, outpacing wage increases and making it difficult for New Mexicans to afford health coverage. And yet, the state does not have any formal body to look at what’s driving health spending or make recommendations on how to make health care more affordable. Many states have set up cost commissions to take the problem of health care costs head on, leading to savings and innovation.

The Bill: HM 29 would task the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance to establish a working group to identify priorities for a health cost commission and draft legislation for the 2019 session.

The Bottom Line: New Mexicans want access to high quality affordable health care and it’s time for the state to take affordability head on.

Fully Funding Medicaid

The Big Idea: Medicaid is a public health coverage program that gives kids, people with disabilities, older adults, and working New Mexicans access to high quality health care. Medicaid saw a wave of cuts over the past few years. With 42% of people in New Mexico relying on Medicaid for their health care needs, it is essential that we fully invest in their health so that our families and neighbors can live healthy lives.

The Bill: SB 192 assesses a fee on certain health care providers in order to draw down federal matching dollars and improve Medicaid doctor and facility payments. Several other potential proposals may be included in the state budget.

The Bottom Line: New Mexico should stand by our commitment to invest in our people’s health.

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