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Dental News Teledentistry is filling a cavity left by the pandemic, but some caution it can’t replace in-person visits Eric Berger, Kaiser Health News | Fortune | 10/21/2020 Dental News Why dental therapists are here to stay One dentist shares her experience giving dental care in Alaska and why dental Dental News New dental treatment for cavities helps older adults and those with disabilities Silver diamine fluoride is a liquid that can be painted on teeth to stop decay. Dental News 1st Dental Therapy Training Program Accredited in US Alaska's training program for dental therapists accredited by the Commission of Dental Accredita Dental News Poor oral hygiene may impact accuracy of Covid-19 tests Poor oral health may impact accurancy of Covid-19 tests for recovering patients according to a s Dental News Link between oral health and Covid-19 severity? British Dental Journal report linking Covid-19 severity and oral disease. Dental News Addressing Oral Health Inequities in the Pandemic and Beyond This brief explores several state policy options to respond to oral health care needs during thi Photo by Michael Browning Dental News Dentistry Needs Radical Reforms to Tackle Global Oral Disease Epidemic Researchers call for team-based approaches—including use of dental therapists—to expand access to care Dental News Dental Therapy: At the Intersection of Jobs and Health By: Kasey Wilson, Policy Analyst | Community Catalyst Dental Access Project Dental News Our Teeth Are Making Us Sick Nicholas Kristof - New York Times