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Health Bills Passed in 2023 Legislative Session

House Bills:

House Bill 7: Reproduction and Gender-Affirming Health Care

House Bill 27: Breast Exam Health Coverage

House Bill 53: Delivery of Necessary Diabetic Resources

House Bill 73: Biomarker Testing Insurance Requirements

House Bill 75: Chiropractic Services Insurance Coverage

House Bill 79: 3-Year Insurance Premium Rate Hearings

 House Bill 83: Eliminate Podiatry Board

House Bill 131: Prohibit Insurance Company Discrimination

House Bill 134: Menstrual Products in Public School Bathrooms

House Bill 209: Health Professional Loan Repayment

House Bill 255: Employee Leasing Benefit Plans

House Bill 267: Health Standards for Driver's Licenses

House Bill 370: Database of Out-of-Network, Suprise Medical Bills

House Bill 395: Developmental Disability Provider Reimbursement

House Bill 400: State-Administered Health Coverage Plan

House Bill 407: Disposition of Deceased Next of Kin

House Bill 446: Long-Term Care Facility Dementia Training

House Bill 527: Opioid Settlement Restricted Fund

House Bill 533: School Group Insurance Contributions

Senate Bills:

Senate Bill 4: Healthy Universal School Meals

Senate Bill 7: Rural Health Care Delivery Fund

Senate Bill 13: Reproductive Health Provider Protections

Senate Bill 16: Creating New Mexico Health Care Authority

Senate Bill 17: Dental Insurance Changes

Senate Bill 35: Anesthesiologist Assistants Changes

Senate Bill 51: Drug Prices for Clinics, Hospitals

Senate Bill 71: Organ Donor Discrimination

Senate Bill 81: Immunization Information Certification

Senate Bill 92: Pharmacist Scope of Practice

Senate Bill 106: Pharmacists and Physicians Assistants as Health Care Practitioners

Senate Bill 132: STI Prevent and Treatment

Senate Bill 168: Death Pronouncements by Nurses

Senate Bill 181: Opioid Antagonist Warning Requirements

Senate Bill 224: Medicaid as Mandatory Medical Child Support

Senate Bill 232: Health Insurer Provider Info. & Reimbursement

Senate Bill 242: Medical Cannabis I.D. & Renewal

Senate Bill 245: Rural Emergency Hospital Licensure

Senate Bill 260: Developmental Disability References

Senate Bill 273: Mental Health Coverage

Senate Bill 310: Crisis Triage Centers

Senate Bill 397: School-Based Health Centers

Senate Bill 425: County Detention Facility Treatment Programs

Senate Bill 471: Refusal of End-Of-Life Options Act

Senate Bill 485: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Senate Bill 523: Medical Malpractice Changes