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 Road Map to Health: Here's a Few Ways to Utilize Your New Insurance



Enrollment is Back! Take the Easy Road to Getting You and Your Family Members Covered This Year.

Follow steps 1-8 on the Roadmap to Health to enroll, stay enrolled, and learn how to use your new health coverage.


Enrollment has begun! Get you and your family covered.

You can now apply for NEW, expanded health insurance options by phone, fax, mail, or in person. It is time to Enroll New Mexico. No matter where you start on the list below, you should be able to find the right health insurance plan for you.

Applying to Medicaid

New Mexico's online portal to apply for new Medicaid options - Launched 10/1/2013

Applying to the Marketplace

New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange website - Launched 10/1/2013


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Snapshot of Health Care in New Mexico

New Mexico is a large, rural state with a low population. Out of approximately 2 million residents in the state, about 360,000 people under the age of 65 do not have health insurance. This means that 21% of the non-elderly people living in New Mexico are living without health insurance - over 1 in 5 individuals.

Health reform through the Affordable Care Act offers some solutions to help start to fix this problem in our state. But there’s one big challenge: not enough New Mexicans know what is about to happen.

  • 170,000 people will be newly eligible for Medicaid
  • Another 200,000 people will be able to purchase health insurance with tax subsidies on the new Health Insurance Marketplaces
  • 83% of the people who qualify have no idea it’s coming.