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What’s been happening in New Mexico with Medicaid?


Medicaid enrollment happens all year. If you think you might qualify, visit to start your application.

In January 2013, Governor Susana Martinez agreed to expand Medicaid in New Mexico. This means that many more New Mexicans qualify for the program than ever before. 

The Affordable Care Act made many changes to the Medicaid program. The main thing to realize is that it will be much easier to apply and enroll in Medicaid. Eligibility is now be based on income, rather than on the multiple eligibility categories that were used before. Single, childless adults are now eligible under a certain income level - this has never been the case before in New Mexico.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a public program that is paid partially by each state and partially by the federal government.

Why the expansion is so important for New Mexicans

In New Mexico, Medicaid currently serves primarily children, pregnant women, very low income single mothers, and people with disabilities. Starting January 1, 2014, this grew to include many adults who have never qualified for Medicaid before. This is important - people who were turned down before will now be able to reapply, and may be able to get Medicaid for the first time under these new rules.

For more information on Medicaid, and for a list of who is currently eligible for Medicaid services in New Mexico visit

Where do I apply?

You can go to any of the Medicaid Ofices listed at or go online to to download an application. You can also apply online at this link.



We want to hear your feedback. Was it easy to get through the application process? Were you able to get approved for Medicaid insurance? Let us know by calling (505) 322-2152 or emailing