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Stories Spreading ‘Round the Nation

Since the October 1st Open Enrollment Start Date, there has been an influx of story collection efforts happening across organizations throughout the nation. Check out these and more and find out ways to share your own story!


Enroll America’s story collection

"My husband is self employed and I am going to school. We both have pre-existing conditions and cannot afford the higher rates. All of the quotes we have so far are more than our monthly mortgage. We can't wait until January!..."

Organizing For Action’s Story Bank

“The New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange saved one Albuquerque small business owner $1,000 a month in insurance premiums Tuesday. “I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be an administrative nightmare and it literally took me 15 minutes once I found everybody’s birthdates, Social Security numbers and ZIP codes,” Cadigan, a former Albuquerque city councilor, said...”

Planned Parenthood’s Story Collection

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. In January I will be eligible to have insurance again because they cannot discriminate against me, based on a pre-existing condition….”

SEIU Story Archive

"While I was still sitting there, he got off the phone and said his new Medicaid card would come in the mail in the next 5 to 10 days..."

MoveOn’s Story Collection

“My wife just started having chemo for stage 4 Breast and Lung cancer. She doesn’t smoke and is vegan and eats organic food when available. Without ACA she would not qualify for Insurance as this would be a preexisting condition…”

Moms Rising

“As a musician, I've always felt lucky to have enough work to support myself. Working three jobs, I've earned good money, but none of my employers offered health insurance…”

Families USA

“I was able to purchase a comprehensive plan for $207 a month…The entire process took less than an hour …and the choices were transparent…”


“...With pre-existing conditions, I pay as much as $555 a month and looking at plans this morning I could pay as little as $48…."