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The Talents of Youth in Southern New Mexico

Nowhere in the state are there more opportunities for youth to get involved in jobs of the future, job skills training, and service to community like here in Southern New Mexico!

One great opportunity at present, are the good paying jobs at all levels of filmmaking. Southern New Mexico is becoming a mecca for filmmaking for movies, television, and documentaries.

Another opportunity is the broadband infrastructure projects already tooling-up to bring internet services to all of Southern New Mexico, especially the rural areas not currently adequately served by broadband services.

Many of these jobs do not require a degree, but there are ways to start with mentoring, part-time employment, and on-site training. There are also good programs at community colleges to get more specialized training.

Youth have a lot of talents to be valuable participants in these jobs. We will be discussing these opportunities further at our Youth Goal-Setting sessions and on
our Health Action New Mexico website:

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