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Our Vision


A view of our Bernalillo office.


All people in New Mexico will have the opportunity to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment with full and equal access to quality, affordable, and culturally respectful health care.


The mission of HANM is to bring together organizations and consumers to influence policy that affects the health of all people living in New Mexico; to develop policy solutions to improve access to health care; to promote leadership and a consumer voice on health issues; and to share tools and resources for advocacy.


  • All people in New Mexico should have access to the resources that allow them to lead a healthy life, regardless of geographic location, language, ethnicity, race, citizenship, age, disability, sex and sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, religion.
  • HANM will provide accurate information and use honest analysis to plan and implement strategic policy solutions.
  • Consumer voices must be heard.
  • Collaboration and partnership are essential for effective advocacy.