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Addressing the Digital Divide in New Mexico

Addressing the Digital Divide in New Mexico: 

Too many New Mexicans do not have access to reliable broadband. Health Action is working to fix this in Southern New Mexico.

Currently, 42% of the state of New Mexico does not have adequate broadband access. The good news is that planning efforts are underway to correct this. State councils, working groups, and collaboratives are working together on this project, known as the New Mexico Broadband Action Plan.

Federal and state funding has been reserved for this Action Plan which will be implemented over the period of five years. The covered populations under this comprehensive Action Plan includes low-income households, ethnic/racial groups, rural residents, persons with language barriers, aging individuals, persons with disabilities, the incarcerated, and veterans. Within these populations, youth and young adults will figure prominently as a high priority.

Included in this funded Action Plan will be community outreach, computer and internet literacy, training for jobs of the future, registering for family internet services discounts, and forming of coalitions to reach isolated areas.

Health Action New Mexico will be concentrating on targeted outreach and direct awareness-building among covered populations. You are invited to track these efforts and become part of them.

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