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Youth are the Future for Southern New Mexico!

Youth are the Future for Southern New Mexico!

 When COVID 19 hit, the youth were overlooked in needing and receiving
help during the crisis.

 25% of high school age youth disappeared from enrollment in public
schools. Many of these youth have still not been re-enrolled.

 During the pandemic, youth were increasingly involved in alcohol and drug
abuse, involved in criminal activities, and youth suicides increased.

 HANM is currently directly serving young adults, 9th graders to post high
school with Youth Opportunity Sessions. These sessions are designed to
support the youth in identifying their interest, talents, and dreams for the

 This project is becoming a model for guiding youth to develop goals and
action plans for success. Through this model, youth are building their self-
confidence and becoming engaged in beneficial activities for their families
and community.

 We invite others who are interested in this model to join with us in bringing
these Youth Opportunity Sessions to other communities of Southern New

 The future of Southern New Mexico will be based on all of us setting a
priority to support youth for their success.


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