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Healthy Holiday Homecomings

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Tired of re-gifting ugly sweaters and decades-old chestnuts for the holidays? This year, try stuffing those stockings with something a little different: health coverage for your friends and family! Enroll America’s “Get Covered America,” campaign is offering Healthy Homecoming E-Cards this holiday season on their website, so you can send loving reminders to your loved ones.

With many charitable organizations now accepting online donations, there has been a paradigm shift in how we view gift-giving in the United States. Instead of buying expensive objects, many Americans are choosing to make donations on behalf of their loved ones. Rather than donate money this yuletide, with Enroll America’s Get Covered E-Cards you could help an uninsured loved one get low-cost or no-cost health insurance through the new Medicaid Expansion or the New Mexico Health Exchange. Sometimes all it takes is to let them know that you care.

And with 2014 coverage beginning in just 15 days, tis the season for healthcare! Enroll America’s three-step Healthy Homecoming process helps you start the conversation and get your nearest & dearest on the path to coverage this holiday season.


- Stephanie Grilo, Health Action NM Story Banker and Young Adult Outreach Coordinator


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