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Rural Voices for COVID Recovery

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New Mexico families are struggling with many aspects of this pandemic. As always, each community has strong local leaders helping others overcome challenges and urgent needs. Health Action New Mexico would like to reach out to these natural leaders to help build strategies and take actions for recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Our focuses for this project are rural communities where the infrastructures for health, dental care, food access, employment services, and behavioral health services are lacking or nonexistent. We would like to recruit persons who may wish to participate in this building of action plans for recovery. This project will involve a monthly zoom meeting, we'll be using this feed to share updates and achievements from our local leaders at those meetings.

If you would like to participate in a meeting for your community, please send an email to Joe Martinez at

and keep an eye on this feed for upcoming events!


Las Colonias 11/17 Echo Dec 16 Socorro & T or C 10/22 Echo Dec 16