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Don't understand health insurance? You're not alone


Jenny Deam | 10/29/2019

If deciphering your health insurance paperwork gives you a headache you are in good company. A new national survey shows that more than one in four people have actually skipped medical care because they were unsure what their health plan covered.

The third annual health coverage survey by Policygenius, an online insurance marketplace, also found the confusion over the state of the nation's health insurance is getting worse. This year, 85 percent did not know what health benefits must be included in their plans to be compliant with Affordable Care Act rules, such as mental health and maternity coverage. In 2017 it was 78 percent.

In addition, only slightly more than one in three who had insurance knew the definition of basic terms deductible, co-pay and premium.

These findings come with just days to go before the opening to the seventh enrollment period for individual plans through the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Sign-ups run from Friday through Dec. 15. The Policygenius survey, gathered from 1,500 responses across the country, showed  less than 12 percent know enrollment dates.

In Harris County there are 67 plans being offered through the exchange from five insurance companies. A preview of the plans and prices is on

Some health experts are worried that people may be more confused this year than usual as number of factors have changed leading into the 2020 enrollment period.

For the scond year, people will no longer face a penalty for not having insurance or for buying less comprehensive plans. In addition new rules under the Trump administratione has sparked agressive marketing of plans that may be cheaper but tend to offer less coverage than plans in the past -- something consumers may not realize until it is too late.

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