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New Mexico Advocates Launch Enrollment Feedback Survey




Did you apply for new healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act (or help others apply)?

How did it go? We want to hear your experiences about applying for healthcare coverage -- What worked? What didn’t? Your feedback is critical to helping our policymakers make the enrollment process better for all New Mexicans.

The following survey will take only 10 minutes of your time, but will go a long way to improve healthcare coverage in our state. You may answer this survey anonymously. Any personal information you do choose to provide will be kept confidential by the survey administrators.

CONSUMERS: If you applied for healthcare coverage for yourself or a relative or friend, please complete the survey here:

ENROLLERS, HEALTH CARE GUIDES, LEGAL PROVIDERS, OTHERS:  If you helped consumers with the enrollment process or to address problems with their applications, complete the survey here:  

Please complete the survey by Monday, May 26th, and please share this email widely with your friends and colleagues. We need as many responses as possible to get the best information to our state lawmakers.

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