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Are State Medicaid Managed Care Programs Ready for 2014?

Summary by Health Action New Mexico.

A new report was released through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute today which studies eight states and examines their readiness for Medicaid expansion.

Some highlights for New Mexico include:

- Medicaid in New Mexico already has some capacity and experience in providing health insurance for low-income adults through its State Coverage Insurance (SCI) plan.

- People insured through SCI will transfer over the expanded Medicaid program and/or the new Health Insurance Marketplace.

- Out of the eight states in the study, New Mexico has the second-highest projected increase in enrollment numbers. At a 53.2% predicted increase in enrollment, we expect a lot of New Mexicans to get covered under the expansion over the next 10 years.


Full details can be found in the report - click here for the downloadable PDF document.

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