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First real-world look at what insurance premiums will be in ACA Marketplaces in 2014

Summary by Health Action New Mexico

A supplemental memorandum released May 20, 2013 by the Committee on Energy and Commerce Democratic Staff responds to a Republican report that predicted large increases in premium costs for the new Health Insurance Marketplaces in 2014.

Of the five states who have currently released information on these premiums, all have competitive prices with better benefits than what are currently offered. Although there was much hype about "sticker" or "rate shock," there is no real-world evidence of this happening in Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Oregon, or Washington. 

From the introduction: "This memorandum provides the first detailed analysis of 2014 Afforedable Care Act individual market premium filings released in these states. It does not find evidence of the widespread "rate shock" predicted by Republicans."

The full report can be read online here.

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