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Dental Therapy Studies & Reports

Economic Viability of Dental Therapists, by Frances M. Kim, DDS, DrPH. May 2013.

This report assesses the work of dental therapists in both Alaska and Minnesota and details the percentage of time spent on different categories of procedures, the characteristics of the population base they serve, and the overall cost to the practice of employing dental therapists.

A Review of the Global Literature on Dental Therapists, Nash et. al. April 2012. 

The literature of the countries using dental therapists in their oral health workforces is extensive. Consequently, an attempt to summarize the literature is lengthy. The intention is to provide as comprehensive a review as possible in order that the existing global literature is accessible to anyone desiring to study it. There are 1,100 documents referenced in the bibliography. Two-thirds of these are cited and annotated in this monograph. These are identiÀed in boldface type in the bibliography.

May 2013 report to the New Mexico state Legislative Finance Committee. 

The number of dental providers in New Mexico is not enough to meet current demand for dental services let alone the additional demand brought about through newly insured New Mexicans under Medicaid Expansion and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to this report.

The principles, competencies, and curriculum for educating dental therapists, by Caswell Evans, DDS, MPH. March 2011.

This article reports the results of a 14-month panel of academicians that was formed to develop an educational plan for dental therapists. The panel was structured into three subcommittees - principles, competencies, and curriculum to develop an educational plan for a 2-year postsecondary school dental therapy program.