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Las Colonias 11/17 Echo

At today’s meeting we learned about COVID testing. Right now, community members are being directed to get tested through Quest Labs; results from Quest labs are coming back in 2-3 days, instead of 14 days for the New Mexico Department of Health. The only limitation to Quest Labs is that they require people to be registered as a patient. Some people aren’t registered and are being turned away, but they’re working on removing the registration requirement.

    Another option for COVID testing is a rapid antibody test - those cost around $80, but they return results in around 15 minutes. A Doctor’s order could get the test covered under insurance, but it should be noted that antibody tests are less accurate than a standard test.

    We’ve heard from some community members that infections have been spreading even among those wearing masks. Since this disease is airborne, there is a chance that spread can occur through those with exposed eyes. If you are worried about contracting the disease, eyewear, along with other hygienic practices, is a good way to lessen your risk of exposure.

    We also heard from an employee of Foamex. The virus has not slowed down work at the factory, which has implemented immediate temperature checks and a personal protective equipment requirement. Foamex has employed temporary workers and is in the process of getting a federal grant to make face shields, which should create overtime work.

    At our next meeting, we’ll be discussing specific solutions for stopping the spread of the virus!

Las Colonias