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ACTION ALERT: Tell the Governor and Legislature to Protect Medicaid!

For the legislative special session, the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and Governor are proposing a Medicaid budget that raises concerns for assuring the protection of Medicaid during this historic public health crisis.

  • The latest projections show Medicaid is facing a revenue shortfall of $73.8 million. Medicaid enrollment has been climbing while New Mexicans lose their jobs and health insurance in the pandemic.
  • The proposed Medicaid budget does not cover this shortfall. It also presumes that the program will receive uncertain federal revenues. If federal funds yet to be voted on are reduced or not forthcoming, it could leave tens of thousands of New Mexican lives at stake. It could force the agency to cut payments to healthcare providers or Medicaid insurance companies, destabilizing NM’s key healthcare system in the midst of the pandemic.
  • Leaving Medicaid unprotected can be avoided by passing the Healthcare Affordability Fund (2020 HB278) as our neighbor Colorado has had the foresight to recently do and other states are also investigating.  This transfer of a recently rescinded federal fee on insurers to the state General Fund would not impact next year’s carrier premium projections, making it a golden window to do so.  Moreover, it would come when insurers are sitting on large amounts of cash due to reduced claims. It assures equity for the health care of NM’s most vulnerable populations by protecting Medicaid and beginning the necessary inevitable addition of revenue to the NM budget.
  • Call Governor Lujan Grisham and our legislators today to tell them: “Protect Medicaid. Fix the Medicaid budget hole. Bring back the healthcare affordability fund.”


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham: (505) 476-2200

Senate Finance Committee

 John Arthur Smith:(575) 546-4979, (575) 546-8546

George K. Munoz:(505) 722-6570

(505) 722-0191

Steven P. Neville:(505) 327-5460

William F. Burt:(575) 434-1414, (575) 434-6140

Pete Campos:(505) 425-0508

Jacob R. Candelaria:(505) 847-5079

Gay G. Kernan:(505) 629-8081

Nancy Rodriguez:(505) 983-8913

Sander Rue:(505) 301-0189

John M. Sapien:(505) 765-5662

James P. White:(505) 271-4746

Roberto “Bobby” J. Gonzales:(575) 758-2674


House Appropriations and Finance Committee

Patricia A. Lundstrom:(505) 722-2980

Joseph L. Sanchez:(505) 986-4319

Anthony Allison:(505) 787-8494

Phelps Anderson:(575) 625-9152

Gail Armstrong:(505) 269-2364

Paul C. Bandy:(505) 334-0865

Cathrynn N. Brown:(575) 706-4420

Jack Chatfield:(575) 673-2320

Randal S. Crowder:(575) 763-3901

Harry Garcia:(505) 290-7510

Susan K. Herrera:(505) 579-0092

Tomás E. Salazar:(575) 421-2455

Nathan P. Small:(575) 496-9540

Melanie A. Stansbury:(505) 750-7079

Candie G. Sweetser:(575) 546-9011, (575) 546-2915

Christine Trujillo:(505) 235-8783

Rodolpho “Rudy” S. Martinez:(575) 534-7546


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