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 What is Telemedicine, and how can I access it?



Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay home and refrain from visiting the hospital unless your medical issue requires urgent hands-on care.  However, you don’t have to forego your routine services or put off important visits during this time.  Even as services begin to reopen, 

Telemedicine is a way to access quality health care services over the phone or through video chat, including diagnosis, consultation, prescriptions, and referral to a physician. Telemedicine services are often covered by insurance and provide a safe, secure way to get care from a distance. 

Telemedicine is also an important resource if you think you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to lessen the risk of exposing yourself and others to the disease.


Why you should consider it

In addition to the reasons above, telemedicine allows you to receive specialist consultation from the comfort of your home and on your own time; you can record a video for your doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms outside of normal office hours, or you can chat with a doctor live if they’re available. Telemedicine is also more affordable than a traditional consultation and can be a great resource for those without insurance.

New Mexico also covers one of the widest ranges of telemedicine services in the country; so even if you’ve been unable to receive a consultation in another state, New Mexico may cover it!


What are my options?

Because of legislation passed in 2019, New Mexico law requires most insurance carriers to cover basic telemedicine at no extra cost. Below is a quick guide to telehealth under major insurance carriers in New Mexico. Find your insurance carrier below to see their current telemedicine policies, but call your carrier for the most accurate information. Even if you have insurance, self-pay may be more cost-effective, so be sure to explore all your options!





Federally-Qualified Health Centers

FQHCs are offering expanded telehealth services, and are treated the same as in-person visits for billing purposes.



There are many telemedicine services that allow self-pay, and they are often more affordable for uninsured individuals than in-person visits. Make sure you are accessing reputable providers. Teladoc contracts with many service providers and provides quality telemedicine services. Another good starting point is GoodRX, which has a database of reputable telehealth providers and allows you to compare prices and reviews from different providers

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