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Medicaid Buy-In: The Basics

Sponsors: Representative Deborah Armstrong, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, and Representative Nathan Small

New Mexico should allow people use their own dollars and tax credits to purchase health coverage through the state Medicaid program.

  • Medicaid is a public health coverage program that provides New Mexico’s children, families, people with disabilities, and older adults with comprehensive health care benefits.
  • Medicaid is a trusted, proven program that has served New Mexico for more than 50 years.
  • More than 40% of New Mexicans are already covered by Medicaid.

New Mexicans want high quality health coverage.

  • Medicaid covers the ten essential health benefits plus dental and vision care.
  • 93% of office-based physicians accept new Medicaid patients in New Mexico, according to a 2015 study from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

New Mexicans want affordable health coverage.

  • Medicaid for adults costs $297 per person a month according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, compared to the average $520 premium per month for employer insurance.
  • Tax credits and employer contributions could make health coverage even more affordable for working families. 

New Mexico could be a national leader in expanding affordable health care.

  • With a bold vision and smart planning, New Mexico could be the first state to take the innovative approach of a Medicaid buy-in.
  • Congressman Ben Ray Luján has introduced federal legislation using the Medicaid buy-in model.

SM 3 & HM 9 request the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee to study how a Medicaid buy-in could work in New Mexico. The bills passed with bipartisan support during the legislative session. The Legislative Health and Human Services Committee will study the concept throughout the summer! Check our website regularly for updates. 

Let’s work together to make sure every person in New Mexico can get the care they need to be healthy.

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