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Medicaid buy-in study passes the legislature!

On Wednesday, February 7th, the New Mexico Senate joined the House in approving a study that will explore allowing residents of New Mexico to purchase Medicaid coverage through a buy-in option. The enabling memorial was sponsored by Representative Debbie Armstrong (co-sponsored by Representative Nathan Small) and Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino. Despite progress under the Affordable Care Act, 180,000 New Mexicans remain uninsured and many face high deductibles and co-payments.

“A Medicaid buy-in could give people a more affordable health care option,” said Barbara Webber, Executive Director of Health Action New Mexico. “New Mexico is in a unique position to offer a state coverage plan that provides better coverage at a lower cost.”

House Memorial 9 and Senate Memorial 3 passed their respective chambers with overwhelming support. HM 9 passed on a vote of 42-24 on Monday February 5th, while SM 3 passed on a vote of 33-8 on Wednesday, February 7th. According to the memorial, “New Mexicans who are uninsured or underinsured must often forego needed medical services, have less access to preventive care and behavioral health services and may be forced to wait until medical conditions worsen into expensive and sometimes untreatable emergencies.”

The study will consider similar initiatives in other states, potential costs and savings of a Medicaid buy-in program, federal waivers that may improve the viability of a Medicaid buy-in program, and the impact on patients, consumers, and other health care stakeholders. The effort is supported by community and advocacy groups such as Health Action New Mexico, Strong Families New Mexico, the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, and the New Mexico Together For Healthcare Campaign.

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