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To Your Health - Own it!

Campus Chalking

Students at the University of New Mexico are not messing around when it comes to health insurance. Groups like the BA/MD organization, ASUNM, NMPIRG, and others are hitting the concrete slabs of campus and ensuring the student body knows that they STILL have today to sign up for coverage!

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As Young Invincibles, students, young adults or whichever code name for “youngster” you’d like to identify with, we’re faced with a bucket-list of challenges and equally a basket full of opportunities. Some of those challenges involve financial disparities, lack of time, or our bicycle (which is our only form of transportation) got stolen and our dogs are BARKING. So, where in all that does health coverage fit in? Check out the video below to find out how to 1) learn more 2) get enrolled 3) share with your roommate who likes to jump off those cliffs at Jemez and always seems to get hurt.

To hear more about how you can get coverage and WHY should get coverage, check out Nathan Lihte’s Story here.

Nathan Lihte's Story, by HealthActionNM


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