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Create Your Own Creative Coverage Cabaret


Portable Dorothy, performing at HANM's Creative Coverage Cabaret

So you must be wondering… what is a Creative Coverage Cabaret? Think: Health Care Outreach using live comedy, slam poetry, improv, musicians, and other creatives who exercise their artistic abilities to spread the word about getting enrolled!

Want to do your own? Not sure what to look for or where to start? Here’s our tip sheet to get you Cabaret-ing your way to Coverage:

1) Location, Location, Location!

  • Where can you find YOUR audience?
  • Bars are nice, but watch out for lighting, sound quality, and floor layout.
  • Outdoor locations like parks, amphitheaters, plazas, etc. (Make sure to check the sound quality capabilities.)
  • Coffee shops are great for a cozier cabaret.

2) Performers to Perform the Art of Performing

  • Vet those artist types: they can be wild-cards, so make sure you book the right artists.
  • Look for people who honestly care about your issue.
  • Try getting artists who can tie health care into their act (ex: see the Rio Dos Lunas Improv team video below)
  • Do you like collaborating with them? If not, don’t book em!
  • Choose a fantastic emcee! Ideally, they should be well known in your community, comfortable working a crowd, and entertaining/HILARIOUS.
Creative Coverage Cabaret: Rio Dos Lunas Healthcare Improv, by HealthActionNM

3) Line Ups or Set Lists are the Key

  • Put those organizational skills to practice by creating a detailed agenda for the evening.
  • Depending on your vision for the evening, assign 5-20 minute time slots for each artist.
  • Have a point person who is tasked with keeping the show moving on time the day of the big event. Bonus points if this is also your emcee!

4) Take a Stab at your Own TED Talk

  • 8 minutes max! Give just enough information to get people (a) excited about their options, and (b) empowered to take action.
  • Use a health care story of a local community member to get the ball rolling.
  • Statistics are great, but keep them to a minimum.
  • Close with a Call to Action that entices the crowd to see what coverage is available for them.

5) Get them interacting

  • No one likes to sit for two hours straight. We broke up the evening with a pub quiz.
  • Pub quiz: 12-15 questions, broken up into two sections. People answered the questions on a sheet of paper as a team at their table. The winning table went home with a prize!

6) Have Fun

  • Event planning can be stressful, but Cabarets are meant to be fun. So: 1) Kick back and Trust your Line Up 2) No Matter What, the Show Will Go On 3) Believe in the Outreach & Education, and People will Show Up.

Now, you’re ready to start creating! Feel free to contact us if you want more details on how to put on your own Creative Coverage Cabaret.

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